Rise of Sha'Aren and the Birth of the Ravager

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the fog

-4 arrived in town from Fess' hold, met up with the others in the tooth, Juk had a water genasi woman named Lillia in tow

-Juk must use mage hand to open doors and Ray of Frost to cool drinks

-Went to Gideon's detoured to Weyland's Mask and Costume shop. After some hijinx he agreed to analyze the transformation fluid. Additionally, Free bought a mask to lend to Leira (Mask of Yrdla) and Leira and Juk bought a mask for Lusine. Finally was informed about the Auction of Razaheim, told to acquire the coin to go.

-Showed up at the council. Met with Zhorum, Emma, Jura, and Friga. Razeth went south to visit with Lellec in Elistyr. Things that happened – Emma gave Salazaar a quest to restore the Shield of the Blackstones and if he did he would be granted their name. – Told them about Ossamer Fess' interactions and his dealings and Journals. – Any Ravens caught committing crime will now be taken in and sentenced to death. – Jura given Ossamer's Spellbook. – Investigation of wizard association commencing. – Told them of Raven's involved with Mer kidnapping (Not Marigold though). – Zhorum advocated for pre-emptive strike, everyone else against. – Council realized they had important things to do Friga went to assess damages to Jor hold, Emma went to toss the place first. Zhorum started paperwork right there (mentioned giant crab and lobster being sold by the river), Jura went to begin the cleansing of the Association Magus. 

- Back to the Tooth. Met Orilmund. Therusk gave everyone a gold coin minted with a wreath, except Lusine who received a silver one. Points discussed. Learned about the Nightmare Coterie, he gave you 1000 gold in a Coinpurse of Holding.

- Dreamed of the Nightmare Man. He told you to finish the job (stop the war between the Ravens and the Mer), and you'll get the other half of the money. Also warned of the council being in danger. Told of slum mage in the market who had similar associations to Ossamer Fes.

- Everyone went to do chores, banking, etc. Al sent to Vestor, found out he was "safe for 20 days" and that he is in the Holding Pens of the Ancestral Mezilver lands under the sea. Then Corrin will come and may sacrifice him.

- Went to tell the Council of this news, Zhorum was attacked by a gnome, a young female halfling, a priest of Yrdla, and a human woman druid. The fight that ensued caused a lot of collateral damage and the gnome and its wolf were killed, the priest was killed, and the girl and druid got away. They were found with bags of golden corral bits, a currency used by the Mer.


- went to council with Juk and Leira, along with corpse of mindflayer through the streets

- met with the Green Warden Baldir Braspir after turning in the decapitated body to Jura. Warden Baldir was informing the council of his intention to investigate Ossamer Fes, a noble he suspects in his work. Told by the council to go along with him, to mitigate potential damages and keep an eye on the Warden.

- Zhorum told them Ossamer Fes was seen near the Nymph and the Naiad, visit his girl Linae for more info.

- Salazaar, Free, and Lusine visited Linae. She told them Ossamer visited a set of three old women, bakers who moved in a few months ago, with a girl with blonde hair and a big scary black dog. They visited them, where Free and Salazaar ate the pies. Lusine suggested that they tell them why Ossamer was visiting, and the woman Ostia mentioned Sha'… and was cut off by her sister Ledca. Salazaar was charmed and Free sent to another room. They cast a spell that knocked Lusine unconscious and threw her in an oven. Salazaar broke his charm and attacked. They were overwhelmed and fled. Simultaneously, Al and Warden Baldir went to the North gate to check the ledger of entrants. They discovered that Ossamer Fes entered the city every two weeks, followed by a surprising name… Cecilia Ostermark. 

- The entire group returned and stormed the house. They defeated the women and the house was mysteriously set on fire… hmmmm. Anywho they talked their way past the guards by declaring them to be CANNIBAL MEAT PIE WITCHES and showing them some evidence.

- With that they set out for Jor Hold, adjacent to the Jor Thicket. They camped out for a night inside the Warden's Tiny Hut. The group returned to the city for three days, waiting for Ossamer Fes to make his routine trip into town. They left an apology note for Jeron at the Blooded Wolf. They then went to the [The Tooth], looking for Orilmund, a reported Raven. They got information about the organization from Therusk instead, and Salazaar joined the Ravens with the blessing of Therusk and a tattoo of a white raven wing on his neck. Baldir saw a blonde woman enter Jor Hold on the third day.

- Getting tired of writing, major points now bullet style:

Had dinner, nice dwarf. Attempt at poisoning, snuck around at night, JENGA, big fight, fought sha'aren statue, transforming people to crab things, found out he was hiring a group of Ravens to kidnap mer, Cecilia seduced him and showed him to the women in town who showed him the transmutation secrets. Met and killed him. Fled for town.



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